What is Money consciousness?

What is Money consciousness?

We always think about it as having a lot of cash, or focus on becoming more wealthy. That's right but only to some extent. It is also about the ability to attract money/wealth and working with a mindset that makes things happen to you financially. 

To attract financial success you simply need to work on your Money consciousness...I 'll explain how!!

Firstly prioritise what you want in life. Unless you know what you want to achieve you'll not be able to develop consciousness towards money. 

Secondly let go of your mentality that limits your prosperity.We have grown up with phrases like money is the cause of all evil or filthy rich. Even worse we believe that it 'll never be possible for me to achieve such a big amount and so on...Never limit yourself with numbers or such beliefs. Dream big to achieve big.

Finally,if you want to achieve big financial goals,focus on the questions that brings you closer to your goals,"Ask the right question ". Rewrite the situation to get your own way. Never doubt your potential. 

Learn to love money,it is just energy.  Send loving energy to the flow of money. Show gratitude for receiving money. Choose affirmations and focus on energy to manifest. You can choose your affirmations..





By doing all this you 'll be more happy and positive and attract financial success. 

God bless.