Money Mantra: How to Bless Your Money in 3 Quick Steps

Money Mantra: How to Bless Your Money in 3 Quick Steps

A few weeks ago, I received a sum of money (in terms of payment) in cash. As usual, I touch all the money and say ‘Thank you.’What happened was, a few pieces of the money exuded different sensation when I touched it. I felt a lack. At first, I was wondering if I was the one who was ungrateful for the money I have. I did what I have to do in order to cleanse the money but the feeling didn’t go away. It was kind of stuck on me.So I asked myself, "where is this energy (lack) coming from?"Bear with me on this: First of all, energy transfers from one point to another. Along the process, it either stays the way it is or is transmuted.When I asked the question an answer came to me. Someone who owned this money before me, or perhaps someone who had no choice but to give this money to others (in this case, me) was the one who carried the feeling of lack inside him/her. When he/she touched the money, his/her energy got transferred onto the money. It is not easy to feel this kind of energy on money or on anything unless you are sensitive and have strong awareness.What I felt was that the sender has a frequent feeling of lack and is strong enough to make the energy stick on the money. This situation got my attention. The "aha" moment is, since almost everyone in this world is strongly attached to the money, it also means we are emotionally attached to the money. Whatever we are sending out emotionally, sticks on the money as well as it goes to the surrounding too.Now think about this for a while, since money is used widely for transactions and trading, instead of attaching ‘lack energy’ or ‘feeling-poor-energy’ onto the money, why not we attach love, blessing, and gratitude onto the money and let it spread wherever it is meant to go?I shared this method with many people in my life. I learned it from Robin Sharma (which he learned it from a book – My apology that I can’t recall the book). I suggest that you bless your money every morning if you can. Cleanse it and bless it before you use it.

Mantra for money

There is a mantra for cleansing. And it is the same mantra you can use for attracting money.Here is how you do it and please do it with all your heart:The Method:
Place the money on your left palm and put your right palm on top of it.Then you say this: “Thank you for being in my life. I love you and I bless you. I command you to go feed the hungry and the poor, clothe the naked, bring people joy, help people pay their debts, help people make a healthy living and I COMMAND YOU TO RETURN TO ME IN MILLIONS FOLD. Thank you and I love you”.Then you spend the money the way you should spend the money.'Thank you and I love you' is a cleansing statement.After you cleanse the money, you put the blessing, the gratitude, and the love. These emotions of love, gratitude, blessing go together with the money and it goes as far as it is meant to be.

Never do these:
Never feel a lack when you trade your money.Never feel greedy when you trade your money.Your energy, intentions, emotions go with the money and it comes back to you with the money. If you think it is fun that money comes to you regardless of what emotion or energy is attached to it, you are wrong. There is no joy in getting money that never even lasts in your wallet for a week. It is no joy in getting money that, in the end, you have to use it to ease your suffering like illness.

Remember dearest readers, what you give to the world will come back to you in a million ways. It may not promise you a million dollar in one go but it will come back to you non-stop. And it is coming back to you the way you are sending it out. A joy comes back with joy. A love comes back with love. And a lack comes back with lack.