These are the services we provide, these makes us stand apart.

Pink Light

The Pink Light Technique is ancient in origin and can be used to heal relationships. It involves imagining yourself within a sphere of pink light, radiating from your heart. Before, one-by-one, covering yourself and others in the pink light

White Light Meditation

White Light Meditation is a powerful way to purify your energy and align with your true heart's desires.


Angels are highly developed spiritual beings whose life mission is to guide us and help us in our everyday lives.

Inner Child

A simple and powerful meditation to help heal your inner child. Your overall well being, confidence and self esteem are all influenced by your inner child.

The Spiritual Gaia

The Spirit of Gaia is the sacred consciousness of the planet, also referred to in some indigenous cultures as Mother Earth. It is a belief that there is spirit in everything; in each blade of grass, in each petal of a flower… There is energy and consciousness in each drop of water and each grain of sand. Gaia is evolving as humanity is evolving. It is an interlinked partnership. As humanity shifts to a higher vibration and changes, so does the planet. There is a lot of physical earth movement and changes occurring at the moment, as Gaia is shifting and aligning her energy to hold and support this higher vibration.

Guided Full Moon Meditation

As the moon is connected to spiritual practices, it is very good to meditate on a full moon day. Moreover, the moon has an effect on water and our body is approximately 70% water. Hence on the day of Purnima or full moon it is beneficial to do meditation.