Human consciousness involving focused attention

A Brief Overview

A lady was not able to get settled into one committed relationship, and whenever she had committed to any person, sooner or later it led into the breakup of that lady. After connecting with so many people when she came to us, we recommended her to practise hypnosis. And now it has been a long time that she is living happily in her married life.

With the help of hypnosis, you can bring clarity to your life. I have seen many cases in which people used to see the same dream time again while sleeping and they were not able to understand the meaning or reason behind that dream.

The topics that I work upon, in my hypnosis session and classes are:

  1. Past life regression,
  2. Future life progression,
  3. Soul mates,
  4. Akashic record,
  5. Parallel life,
  6. Out of body experience,
  7. Astral travel,
  8. Medium-ship,
  9. Tapping your super conscious mind.

I teach as well as take sessions of Hypnosis. Hypnosis may be a state of human consciousness that involves focus attention. When I say this, I am talking about self-hypnosis with this, which is the first topic of hypnosis. Also, in some cases, I have seen that people are deeply bothered by the birthmarks on their bodies. And they came to know that a “sword” symbol is embedded on their body as a birthmark. Hypnosis can help in curing addictions, chronic pain, reducing stress and much more.

If you are struggling or facing any such issue in your life, you must contact us to get healed of such problems through hypnosis.