Taking Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing

A Brief Overview

You can get assured in writing that it is the brilliant white light of Universe that comes to us when we call Reiki. Not only problems like depression, anxiety or bad relationships but with the help of Reiki we can also heal other major issues in life. By practicing Reiki, we have healed so many medical cases till date. Even the medical surgeons and doctors also practice Reiki before commencing any big surgery or any other medical treatment that involves surgery. If I talk about myself, with the help of Reiki I have healed cancer patients, HIV patients, bad relationships and many other cases where people were continuously gulping in depression pills since 2-3 years.

We also recommend that Reiki is such a powerful, big and life force energy which should be practiced by every human being because it is very crucial to attain a healing level in life from all the issues. You do not need to attain any other level in life, to master Reiki, anyone can learn this process.

Besides healing, the purpose of Reiki is to make you believe in the energy that there is something in this Universe which is working for your good, your benefit.

There are four levels of Reiki that I teach being the grandmaster of Reiki. They are as follows:

  1. Level I: The first level of Reiki teaches you about the history of Reiki: Where was Reiki originated? How did it traveled all the way from Japan to India. In which places it had its existence? Before Japan it was in Atlantis and then in Lumaria. And then it came to India. Basically, it came from Japan to United States and then in India.
  2. Level II: The second level talks about the signs: There is no need to concentrate for half an hour, 45 minutes or for an hour long. All you have to do is to make sign and you are done with the second level.
  3. Level III: The third level is the grandmaster level:  It consists of many things. Talking about my grand mastership, it doesn’t only contain Reiki but also Antkarna and psychic surgery. Psychic surgery is a form where we remove any kind of stone or any other critical issue related to medical, we can heal all of them with the help of Reiki and no other operation is required thereafter.


  1. Level IV: The fourth level is to teach you to be attuned teacher: In this level, we teach you how to be attuned teacher so that you can also say that you are a grand master of Reiki.